Jennifer Gutierrez’s role as facilitator in our strategic planning sessions was invaluable.  From the many and diverse perspectives, voices, agendas, and priorities that are inevitably competing — and at times conflicting — in these sessions, she is able to lead the group (the National Palliative Care and Hospice Task Force) through the construction of a consensual and coherent roadmap for moving an organization forward.  She manages very well being integral to the process while remaining, like all good catalysts, outside of it.

MC Sullivan RN MTS JD

Chief Healthcare Ethicist
Archdiocese of Boston

Project Highlights

As a newly-appointed rector of a seminary with many departments and programs beyond just seminary formation, I knew that I needed help to get my arms and mind around our large and somewhat complex organization. Having worked before on a strategic plan with Jennifer as a board member of another non-profit, I turned to JAG Consulting.  Our experience was top-notch.  Our team especially appreciated Jennifer’s process that led us to clearly articulate a renewed vision and mission for our seminary, which was the foundation of our new strategic plan.  As the leader, I have found that using the language of our vision, mission and strategic plan has helped unite our organization and given us a compelling case to present to our various constituents.

Rev. Joseph C. Taphorn, J.C.L.

Rector and Vice President
The Saint Paul Seminary
St. Paul, MN

Project Highlights

I cannot praise the work of Jennifer Gutierrez and JAG Consulting enough. Throughout our strategic planning process, Jennifer and her team provided high quality, professional expertise—and with an invaluable personal touch. Jennifer has a keen ability to both facilitate a process and provide consultative input. I am tremendously grateful to Jennifer as she has been pivotal to putting our organization in a stronger position moving forward. It goes without question that I would turn to Jennifer for future strategic planning and recommend her to anybody looking to strengthen their organization.

Tom Venzor

Executive Director
Nebraska Catholic Conference

Project Highlights

Of all the Church planning efforts I have experienced through the years, Jennifer’s is the most efficient, inclusive and inspiring … Perhaps her greatest strength is that which cannot be measured by worldly standards or metrics. Jennifer is a faithful daughter of the Lord, and her faithfulness and prayer life informs the critical work she is doing on behalf of the Church, its apostolates, and institutions.

Deacon Timothy F. McNeil, J.C.L.

Archdiocese of Omaha

Project Highlights

As president of Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, I found Jennifer and her team thoughtful, helpful, and insightful in guiding us through conversations on inclusion and human dignity. JAG Consulting listened well to our needs to create an action plan while navigating a variety of issues and concerns from leadership and identifying a way forward. I would recommend other Catholic organizations consider JAG as part of their inclusion and human dignity efforts.

Rev. James P. Burns, IVD, Ph.D.

Saint Mary's University of Minnesota

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