Good research is key to good planning. JAG research and assessment services include: 

JAG SWOT Analysis 

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats

The JAG SWOT Analysis is a 3.5-hour facilitated session designed to inform and provide direction for the planning process, engage key stakeholders, and create a framework for consensus. The SWOT affords clients the opportunity to discuss and identify internal and external factors that will impact the success of the planning and implementation effort. This service includes session planning, facilitation, and a session outcomes report.

JAG Thought Leader Survey

Valued opinions, advice, and insights

Advice and counsel from trusted thought leaders (staff, board members, clergy, donors, volunteers) serves as a critical component of the assessment phase. The JAG Thought Leader Survey is designed to glean insights into what is important to key stakeholders and why, and to elicit the respondents’ opinions, perceptions and recommendations for action in a focused and targeted way. Using electronic survey methodology, JAG Consulting will construct the survey instrument, provide data security, collect and synthesize data, and deliver a report with a topline quantitative and qualitative analysis of results.

JAG Topline Trends Report

Original research brief

The JAG Topline Trends Report informs the planning process with current and original research on national trends and issues to consider prior to planning, relevant data, and key takeaways for consideration. The report identifies recommended next steps for further exploration and action.