Your Calling

JAG’s calling is to help you fulfill your calling. You are ready, you are present, and maybe you are … uncertain. That’s where JAG can help.

Some scenarios that might fit your situation:

A Catholic Diocese with a good school that desires even more. How do we retain all our students and staff from year to year? How do we boost enrollment? How do we communicate that we are not a school that teaches faith as a subject area, but a school that teaches faith in all subject areas?

A nonprofit serving the poor struggles with telling its story. How do we tell a heart-rending story in a moving, uplifting fashion? Who should do this? Why does it matter? Where can people find our stories?

A missionary group questioning the long-lasting value of its work. How do we motivate the same people who have always supported us? How do we encourage new members and missionaries? How do we structure our organization so it’s not the same small group of people trying the same, already-tried ideas?

JAG will craft a fresh approach that works for your unique scenario, and for your specific questions. We can’t simply take what worked for others and change the names. (Well, we could, but that won’t have the lasting impact you want to see). We will give you the structure and work closely with you every step of the way to develop the right solutions. We’ll even help put them in place if that’s what you need.

So, how can we answer your call? Email Jennifer below to start a conversation about your organization, your hopes and dreams, your … calling.