Consulting Services

Research Services

Good research is key to good planning. From focus groups to thought leader studies to cutting edge policy and more, JAG will gather the information you need to make good decisions. Using the very best research, JAG will design a plan with purpose.

Strategic Planning and Implementation

Planning success isn’t just about the plan. It’s also about engagement and ownership, gaining traction with small wins and sustaining forward movement when the planning process is long over. With extensive experience in planning, facilitation, volunteer cohort management, and implementation, JAG will design and implement an achievement-focused plan for your organization that gets results.

Strategic Communications

Communicating the best message to the right people in the right way is JAG’s specialty. Built upon solid communications goals and infused with creative thinking, JAG helps build image, credibility and impact.

Board Training and Development

Serving on a Catholic Board of Directors takes prayer, passion and commitment. It also takes an understanding of fiscal responsibility, cultural intelligence, governance and management, fundraising, and public relations – all blended with other “duties as assigned.” JAG provides specialized training, coaching, and strategic consultancy for Catholic organizations in board best practices.

Cultural Diversity

JAG offers a variety of cultural diversity organizational and training services. From JAG’s signature  Embrace  Faith + Workshop ®, to building a comprehensive organizational diversity plan for clients, JAG cultivates the global thinking to live, work, and serve in a culturally rich world.